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Now re-opened fall 2016 for getting some space. You will find parts of my collection - aswell some "new" stuff from old gessle.de-days.

If you search some item, mail me. I will open my collection and might be happy to find a new owner for some things. I am mainly a CD collector, so I have rarely singles/LPs and only some promos. But if youo search for normal CD singles or Maxi-CDs to complete your collection, you could be lucky!

ENGLISH: If you want more information about the item (tracklist, picture) please mail me. Prices in Euro plus p&p. EU: ~2€, World: ~7€. I accept Paypal, bank transfer, cash. Send your order or questions to: mail -at- gessle -dot- de

DEUTSCH: Schicke mir eine Mail, falls du etwas suchst. Wenn du mehr Infos über den Artikel möchtest (Tracklist, Bild) mail mir bitte. Preise meist inklusive Versand. Zahlung per Überweisung oder Paypal. Schicke deine Bestellung oder Fragen an: mail -at- gessle -punkt- de (Impressum)

AUGUST 2016: Sold items removed

Per Gessle, CD, Kung av sand (En liten samling 1983-2007), rare bonus CD mint bid
Gyllene Tider, CDS, En Sten/Tuffa tider (double a-side) mint
Gyllene Tider, CDS, Jag borde förstas... mint
Son of a plumber, CDS, C'mon/Jo-Anna says - AUTOGRAPHED by Per and Clarence mint bid
Roxette, Maxi-2CD-Set (UK), You don't understand me mint bid
Roxette, Maxi-2CD-Set (UK) in one box, Queen of rain mint bid
Roxette, Maxi-2CD-Set (UK) incl. 3 prints, Fireworks mint bid
Roxette, Maxi-CD, Anyone (8868920 incl. WICF-video) mint 5,-
Roxette, Maxi-CD, How do you do, BomKrash Remix (72438650022, Holland) mint 5,-
Roxette, Maxi-CD, Sleeping in my car (8650712, Holland) mint 5,-
Roxette, Maxi-CD, Wish i could fly, 3track (8867522, EU) mint 5,-
Roxette, Maxi-CD, Wish i could fly Remixes (8867542, EU) mint 5,-
Roxette, Maxi-CD, Wish i could fly Remixes (8867532, EU) mint 5,-
Roxette, CDS, Wish I could fly (724388654128) mint
Roxette, Maxi-CD, Anyone, 1track-promo in Maxi-CD-case (CDPRO 4222) mint 8,-
Roxette, CDS, Anyone mint
Roxette, CDS, Opportunity Nox mint
Roxette, CDS, One Wish mint
Roxette, Maxi-CD, One Wish mint
Roxette, Favorites from Crash!Boom!Bang! (the "McDonalds-CD") mint
GT, Poster Tour 2013 Göteborg, 500 x 700 mm used 15,-
Roxette, Joyride, LP VG 7,-
Roxette, How do you do!, Maxi CD VG 3,-
Roxette, Joyride, Maxi CD VG 3,-
Roxette, Sleeping in my car, Maxi CD VG 3,-
Roxette, Joyride, CD (album) VG 3,-
Roxette, Look Sharp, CD VG 3,-
Roxette, You dont understand me, Maxi CD VG 3,-

Above: Prices in Euro without p&p. Make your offer (bid). If you take more, I can make a discount.
Rest of the gessle.de stock - all items new!!
p&p Germany included
GT, CD Puls 2007
last copy
MF, CD Den ständiga
last copy
PG, LP Party
last copy
ROX, CDS She's got nothing on (sealed) last 5,-
REL, CD Kent Hagnesta
REL, CD Kent Isola
last copy
REL, CD Kent Isola E
last copy
REL, CD Kent Kent
last copy
REL, CD Kent Tillbaka
last copy
REL, CD Miio (incl. 2 GT cover-songs)
special offer
REL, CD Helena/Sandy - Dragon
last copy
REL, CD Helena/Sandy - Poems
last copy
REL, CDS Kent Ingenting
last copy
REL, Kent Keychain (black-blue)

GT = Gyllene Tider, MF = Marie Fredriksson, PG = Per Gessle, REL = Related


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